Monday, July 15, 2013

MONDAY MUST!! AND, a giveaway!

Hello Friends!!

Well, I finally have my life back in order, after a crazy-hectic month.

So, I'm just going to pick up where I left off and continue on.  Don't worry, at some point, you WILL get to see how the big birthday party turned out! ;)  I PROMISE!

But, today, we are getting back into TUNE INTO JUNE (I am fully aware that it is July, but I feel the need to give more things away!!)

First up, the winner of the first TUNE INTO JUNE giveaway, my lovely headband, is...


Woo hoo!  Email me your address, and I will get your loot headed your way!! :)

Now, time for some Monday Must!!

I have been waiting a while to share this JUICY must-try thing with you!! 

About a month ago, I hired the lovely and talented Christine Coons of Simply Put to organize my garage.  To say this task was daunting would be an understatement!  There was a time, long ago, where my garage was organized and I could find whatever I wanted, when ever I wanted.  Well, that was short-lived.  Enter in 6 months of piling, prop buying/storing, re-piling, crafting, and shoving things anywhere possible.  Which left us with, well, a small cove to enter in and no way to manuever around, let alone find anything useful.  Let's just say getting ready for shoots was less-than a pleasant experience!


I was in need of help!

Enter in: SUPER ORGANIZER, Christine Coons.

She took one look at my disaster and ran calmly devised a plan where we would have in fully-functional and organized in FOUR HOURS.  4 hours?  Are you kidding me?  I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical.



But, I followed along and did everything she asked.  First, pulling everything from the garage and creating a GINORMOUS pile of crap stuff on my driveway.  As we pulled it out, we organized and cleaned as we went, prepping ourselves for the re-placement.  

There were so many amazing and magical things that happened.  Once emptied, Christine used the shelving and storage I already had and repositioned it in a way that made so much more stuff.  Things I utilize all the time were placed next to the door to the house for easy access, like things were stored together, and all boxes were labeled and stored away based on use and need.


4 hours on the dot, and what did my garage look like?  HEAVEN!  So beautiful, clean and organized!

Now, when looking at this picture, take into consideration that I have to have a TON of props on-hand,  but she found a way to keep it all and organize it in a way that it is on-hand and ready to use!  

NOT an easy task!


So, what do you think?

My husband was in awe when he came home!  We both walked through it over and over to take it all in- it was just so amazing!!

I'm sure you have a room or two that could use some help.  

Well, I think I can help you out.. Today, I'm giving away a $50 gift certificate to SIMPLY PUT!!  That's good for up to 2 whole hours of Christine help in your cluttered area (depending on size of room and degree of clutter)!!!  


Then get on it- I've finally joined the tech age and made entering SUPER EASY!

(sadly, Christine is located in Paso Robles, so this giveaway is limited to locals- but don't worry, we'll have more good stuff for everyone tomorrow!)

Giveaway starts today and ends at midnight Thursday night- So get going!!

Just a little tip from Christine of Simply Put to send you on your way:

"When you are ready to reorganize, ask yourself: are the things you are holding onto a tool, a treasure, a toy, or trash?  Identifying your stuff will help you determine where it belongs and what priority it has in your daily life.

"Seek to Simplify!"

-Chirstine Coons

As always, have a BEAUTIFUL day!!  Be sure and tell me what your Monday Must is!!  Maybe, just maybe it will wind up starring on here! ;)



  1. if you're expecting me to put a comment of how i stay organized, then DON'T READ THIS COMMENT! i love organization. i love having things clean and easy to find.

    but at my house, it's not! so i'm commenting so i can WIN!!!

    help me, christine!

  2. Your garage looks amazing! I could not even attempt to organize a garage without thinking it will take decades!